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March 25, 2008

Why Google when you can Scoogle?

Thanks to an interesting post on the More Visibility blog, this week I discovered that not only can you Google but you can also, if you so desire, Scroogle!

OK. So what is Scroogle? It's a private search engine which, unlike the vast majority of mainstream engines, does not keep a record of who you are and what you've been looking at...(let's just rewind that slowly shall we)...keep-data-on-what- you've-been- looking-at- together- with-data-on-who -you-are...! Feeling a little uneasy? I know I was and I'm a good boy. Yes. Search engines do keep your personal info etc for up to 18 months and they can be requested by a court to release it...

Scoogle however does not give you that sweaty, palpitating feeling that you might have done something wrong when you haven't (Think: the first time a policeman asked you your name when you were six) because it's completely private and within an hour of using the site, the search terms are gone forever. Phew!

Is there a lesson to be learned from Scroogle's success? Yes - privacy is important to real people. So when you're undertaking any search engine marketing make sure that you adhere to the Data Protection Act, but also that you demonstrate clearly on your website what's private and what isn't - ie get yourself a privacy policy page - and make sure it's not just words.

As an aside – a rather topical one – Daniel Brandt, founder of Scroogle is also behind Wikipedia Watch a site dedicated to...well...watching Wikipedia...very closely indeed...


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